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Reset Button
L1 BLM21 - Ferrite Bead Inductor Suppressor
Female USB
ATMEGA16U2-MU - Low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller, programmed as a USB to serial converter
ATmega328P - PDIP(Plastic Dual-in-Line Package) 8-bit microcontroller with 32k flash, 1k eeprom, 2k RAM.
Power pins
Analog pins
Power led
Tx led
Rx led
Xtal 16Mhz
Power plug
D3 - High-speed Switching Diode
C8 - 1uF
Z1 CG0603MLC-05E ESD Protector >25kv
RN3 - Resistor Array 22 Ohm
Z2 CG0603MLC-05E ESD Protector >25kv
C2 - 100nF
F1 MF-MSMF050-2 - Polyfuse - 500mA
T1 FDN340P - Single P-Channel, Logic Level, PowerTrench MOSFET Transistor
C9 - 22pF
R1 - 1M Ohm
C11 - 22pF
C5 - 100nF
C7 - 100nF
RN2 - Resistor Array 1K Ohm
C4 - 100nF
RN1 - Resistor Array 10K Ohm
U1 - NCP1117ST50T3G - 5V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
U5 - LMV358IDGKR - Low-Voltage rail-to-rail output operational amplifier
C1 - 100nF
U2 - LP2985-33DBVR - 150mA Low-Noise low-dropout regulator with shutdown
C3 - 1uF
Y2 - CSTCE16M0V53-R0 Ceramic resonator 16Mhz
R2 - 1M Ohm
PC2 - Electrolytic Capacitor 47uF
PC1 - Electrolytic Capacitor 47uF
C6 - 100nF
D1 - 1A Rectifier Diode M7(1N4007)
D2 - CD1206-S01575 - High-speed Switching Diode
RN4 - Resistor Array 1K Ohm
ICSP(In Circuit Serial Programming) Header
ICSP1(In Circuit Serial Programming) Header
RESET-EN - Soldering the pads will re-enable the automatic reset(software)